Q Flimz Media

video production + photography

Project Details

Durabuilt Windows and Doors reached out to Q Filmz with an idea to create a showcase video to display the benefits their new product called DFI for their doors and windows.

Our local video production team created a motion graphics animation that highlights the technology behind the DFI product and what makes it so special. The graphic created by the video production team showed how DFI allows the windows and doors to be more waterproof and weather resistant. This showcase video was meant to feature all the uses of the product and why it is superior to other products similar.

This motion graphics animation was played on a loop at a tradeshow for customers to see and watch throughout the entire show. Our video production team strategically placed the Durabuilt logo to be always visible in the graphic throughout the video. This showcase video took around 3-4 weeks because the client wanted it to be perfect.