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Project Details

Hayabusa Training Centre

Gretzie got in touch with Q Filmz’s local video production team to see how they could make her vision a reality. Gretzie was also looking to highlight the makeup courses that she provides for girls.

After some consultation with our Edmonton videographers, it was decided that the best way forward was for Gretzie to write a script for the video, and then for the local video production team to create a shot list based on the script. Some of the clips shown in the video are edited clips from Gretzie’s past makeup courses that our video production service was able to make use of. For the beach shots, which were all taken in one day the local video production team was flown out to Los Angeles. Gretzie emphasized to our video production team that she wanted to really show the freedom she felt in following her dreams and running her own makeup and beauty business, which is where the inspiration for the beach shots came from.

The video ends off with a neat, animated outro showcasing what the brand really means to her, and what she wants it mean to for other women who invest in it. Our film production team used colour grading to create a pink highlight for the video as per request of Gretzie. This video took around one month to complete from start to finish.