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Project Details

Mercedes Benz Promo Video

Mercedes Benz hired our video production company to create a simple yet effective promotional video to showcase an upcoming sales event of theirs. Their main point of focus throughout this commercial was to display and promote their available services and features specifically for this event. There was a major emphasis on this video as this sales event was their largest of the year. The Mercedes Benz team wanted to capture their clients’ buying journey from beginning to end to highlight how simple and enjoyable that process is.  Our local video production team knew that this video would have to be simple and to the point, while still teasing out the highlights of what makes their customers’ buying experiences so seamless. 

The complete video production process needed to have strong messaging and branding in order to promote the renowned luxury of Mercedes Benz throughout the video. Our video production service decided on an approach that consisted of a direct video response ad that would reach the clients ideal buyers. The ad was a huge success as the online engagement on the video ad was very high, leading to the sales event being flooded with potential buyers. The local video production allowed for a beautiful display of the high-quality services and vehicles available at the local Mercedes Benz dealership. The shots were taken using different angles and cameras, including a fly-out drone shot to create a crisp and refreshing look to the commercial, while maintaining the professional and luxurious tone of the commercial. Our video production service was enthused as this one was one of Mercedes Benz’s higher-end production commercials that they had done in a long time. We are very proud of the video we were able to create for Mercedes Benz and the results they were able to achieve as a result.