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Project Details

The Comeback Story

Mental health coach Kaylor Betts is someone who has a unique story of overcoming serious adversity and turning it into his success. Kaylor came to our video development company with an idea for a video in which he could really tell his story. Our local video production team sat with Kaylor through some meetings to identify what the video could look like. It was decided by our video production team that Kaylor would write a script for the video, which would then dictate the shot-list for our film production service to capture.

The concept of the video decided by our video production team was to showcase Kaylor’s life, to show his clients how he got to the point he is at, and why he is the right person to help them. Kaylor created his own coaching program that he wanted our film production company to create promotion for. Kaylor explores the difficulties he faced on a daily basis- being very vulnerable with his audience. This was important for the video to show the growth he had gone through. Our local film developing team retrieved photos of Kaylor throughout the years to paint the full picture of Kaylor’s story. The video features multiples ‘acts’ to display the trajectory of Kaylor’s transition from where he was in the past, to where he is now. The acts created by our video development company show and identify the steps through Kaylor’s journey to success.

With the help of our Edmonton videographers and local film production team, Kaylor was able to tell his story in an interesting way. Kaylor created a podcast production called The Mental Wealth Podcast to address issues people have and discuss mental health concerns. Overall, the video took our video production company a few months to complete- needing shots of Kaylor in different settings and atmospheres to really set up the video well. Kaylor loved the final product, and we at Q FIlmz are so thankful to have been a part of his success.