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Project Details

WolfHouse MMA

Wolfhouse MMA is a local boxing and MMA group located in west Edmonton, Alberta. Wolfhouse hosts a large annual boxing tournament in which boxing groups from Edmonton and surrounding areas participate in. Wolfhouse was seeking out a local video production company who could put together a highlight video for the event. They reached out to Q FIlmz to hire our video production services for the event. Our complete video production team was used to capture the full-day event as we wanted to ensure we got the best shots of the fights. The event was well executed- featuring boxers of all ages who competed in medaled events. Some of our local video production team acted as photographers for the evening, getting sweet action-shots of the fights.

Our Edmonton videographers were stationed at the event all day, getting lots of footage of the single-day event. Wolfhouse was looking for an exciting and upbeat hip-hop styled video for the event highlight, so we took a fast-paced cinematic approach to the edited video. The quick and clean cuts were edited in to go along with the theme of the boxing matches and to provide a cool way to highlight the boxers. In all, the event took a few weeks to complete from start to finish and was loved by the client.