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Our team builds and executes holistically informed strategies where influencers produce and share branded assets, and opt into their audiences. We are value-driven and dissect what your brand and who you are as a creator to the deepest level to bring out the best impression mixed with professional media to showcase your unique talents and abilities. We activate across many platforms (Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Spotify, Apple Music) depending on who and how you want to communicate.

Creators We've Helped

Naina Batra

Choreographer and YouTube star Naina Batra, is known for her Bollywood dancing with a following of over 580,000 on Youtube and over 130K on Instagram. With 14 years of experience in teaching dance, she is now able to provide virtual classes to anyone and everyone around the globe!


Shawn Kanungo

Shawn Kanungo has been recognized nationally and globally for his work in the innovation space after 12 years of working at Deloitte. Shawn’s mandate at the firm was to help corporate executives to better understand and plan for the opportunities and threats associated with disruptive innovation.

Shawn is a practitioner who has worked hand-to-hand with hundreds of organizations on their journey to digital transformation. His work and interviews have been featured in Forbes, The Globe & Mail, The Guardian, CBC and CTV. In 2016, he was recognized as Avenue Magazine's Top 40 Under 40. In 2018, he was named to Inc's 100 Most Innovative Leadership Speakers.


Khurram Sultan

Khurram is a basketball skills trainer and founder of In The Dark Athletics and Academy, Tunnel Vision Podcast, and is known as one of the top basketball trainers in the world. He is certified under Micah Lancaster’s globally recognized I’m Possible Training System. With over 11K IG followers and 5K Youtube Subscribers, Khurram is on his way to building his audience and clientele globally.


Kenny Bhullar

Kenny is a health and fitness coach specializing in empowerment through a healthy and fit lifestyle. He is also the co-founder of the popular podcast "The 2nd Floor" in which Kenny connects with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, C suite executives learning key insights on not only their lifestyle but tips and advice for those looking to level up in life and in business!



Qashus is a rapper and filmmaker from Edmonton, Alberta. Starting on YouTube in 2014, he has created over 100 videos ranging from comedic skits, music videos, and vlogs some totaling in the 100’s of thousands of views on Facebook. During this time he started Q Filmz Media, a video production company, and has shot & edited over 500 videos for clients. Qashus has created 2 rap mixtapes and is currently working on a third musical project.

He is also the co-founder of “The 2nd Floor Podcast” dropping weekly content on both video and audio streaming platforms.


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Helping Creators

Our team has a proven track record of helping individual creators with their video content,Instagram and Youtube Channel Optimization

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Video Production

Our team specifically specializes in video production for individuals and business owners.

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Avoid amateur mistakes early on and skyrocket your podcast to having a loyal audience.

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Website Development

We will create a site with the necessary set of information blocks to attract the attention you need.

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Graphic Design

Modern design geared towards your specific look.

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Strategic Consulting

With our team of creatives, we are here to help and can keep you on the right path as digital culture rapidly changes.

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