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Have you always wanted to start a podcast and not sure how? Always wondered how to create crispy audio and video to distribute on all platforms? Well, we’ve done it and we’re decent at it. Podcasting is the trend right now and we’re here to help you catch the wave and opportunity. We not only have our own podcast “The 2nd Floor”, but we’ve helped creators create their own and build an audience quickly with the best quality on the market.

In just under 2 years, we’ve built an audience of over 8,000 on Instagram, 6,000 audio streams, and over 30,000 views on YouTube. Whether your goal is to bring on the biggest names, to talk about trends, business, sports, fiction, nonfiction, having a podcast is essential so your always top of mind for your audience and clients. It also helps with showcasing the authenticity of your brand, allowing you to reach your audience at a more intimate level. Let us help you build engagement, avoid amateur mistakes, and get more out of your audience.

How we do it

Determine Demographic

Advertising is visible only to potential customers, the target audience is controlled

Market Research

Contextual advertising will allow you to identify the needs of the target audience


We help build you a brand relevant to your podcast needs. Our graphic designer will make you pop!


Avoid amateur mistakes early on and skyrocket your podcast to having a loyal audience.

Our Podcast

2ndfloorpodcast Q Filmz Media

We broadcast our conversations with industry leaders who enlighten us on their journey in what it takes to get to the top of their industry. We collaborate with athletes, C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, artists and difference-makers who are constantly elevating.

From the audience's perspective, we understand from personal experience how overwhelming it can be to focus on building your passion into something monetary while juggling other demands in life. Our goal is to educate our audience on the details, tips and best practices it takes to ultimately master your craft and turn your passion to profit.


Our Services

Helping Creators

Our team has a proven track record of helping individual creators with their video content,Instagram and Youtube Channel Optimization

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Video Production

Our team specifically specializes in video production for individuals and business owners.

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Avoid amateur mistakes early on and skyrocket your podcast to having a loyal audience.

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Website Development

We will create a site with the necessary set of information blocks to attract the attention you need.

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Graphic Design

Modern design geared towards your specific look.

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Strategic Consulting

With our team of creatives, we are here to help and can keep you on the right path as digital culture rapidly changes.

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