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Video Production in Edmonton – What to Expect in 2022

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As we reflect over the last year, it’s been nothing short of a roller coaster for all of us—especially business owners in Edmonton. We’ve had the chance to work with some great businesses and corporations here in YEG throughout 2021, and one thing stood out the most – adapting and pivoting to digital and video content online. This year, companies in Edmonton and worldwide were forced to get their message out and start focusing on their brand more than ever. Some companies failed in the process. Some companies thrived. As Edmonton videographers, the demand for video has never been so high, although the circumstances accelerating this demand were not the best. So what does this mean for those trying to keep up with this pivot?

Don’t skip over the details of your brand and brand messaging

Many businesses tend to think that as long as they have “something” online – a Facebook page, an essential website is good enough. It can’t be further from the truth now. Investing in video production, a superior website, and taking professional photos, especially in Edmonton, can make a difference in your customer experience and boost ROI. Think about the long-term effect the stuff you post has on your brand and business. Now, Tiktok and Instagram reels have made this more accessible than ever to get away with sub-par videos; however, having professional shot videos that can showcase your brand can separate you from the competition. Ideally, you want to get to a point where you have a mixture of raw, less professional content and professional videos/photos. The trend to slowly make professional videos on social media and digital is slowly being accepted by Edmonton business owners; why not be the ones to get ahead of the pack?


Okay, let’s say you disagree with point one and believe quantity over quality is a point you can’t skip over. Storytelling with whatever content you choose to post on your respective channel is crucial. For example, if I went onto your website right now, can I understand what your brand and business are about in less than three clicks? Will I be intrigued to continue my exploration? Is there an emotional tie, or is it like every other company out there?

Play the long game

It’s easy to think about what’s popping and trending right at this moment. If everyone’s on TikTok, then it must be the way to go. If everyone is posting taking iPhone quality videos, then it must be right. Wrong. Think about your next 5-15 moves as a business owner and your brand. Next year there may be another player in your space, another platform to conquer, another area where your audience might go into and pay attention to. The question is, are you not only staying ahead but are you aware of where you want to go?