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Q Filmz Media is a full service media production company, built for the present

We propel brands, businesses, and individuals in the digital media space. We specialize in video production, photography, website development, and graphic design. Our team of talented creatives, directors, and producers have the experience, heart, and hustle to elevate your brand. We are here for you, we are always on the scene.

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We are ready to take on ANY project! Big or small, we do it all!

The 'spray and pray' technique is a thing of the past. With Q Filmz Media's unique research methods, you can now know exactly how to target your audience and create a unique and captivating video that will not only capture your target audience's attention in the best way possible, but also make sure to keep it memorable.

The Qrew

Omid - Video Production Edmonton

Omid Qaderi

Director of Operations

Omid is the founder & director of operations for Q Filmz Media based out of Edmonton, Alberta. He’s also the co-founder of The 2nd Floor podcast. In 2019, his Superbowl commercials were displayed on CTV during halftime.

Adriel - Video Production Edmonton

Adriel Rosenfeldt


Adriel is the Winner of Edmonton Short Film Festival’s 48 Hour Mobile Film Challenge in 2017, Adriel’s work can be seen all over Edmonton’s local music scene with his expert work in filming music videos.

Kelsey Baker - Q Filmz Media - Graphic Design

Kelsey Baker

Graphic Designer

Kelsey’s work distinguishes itself with bold, unexpected materials & color combinations while her love of fine art is peppered throughout with the inclusion of multimedia art forms.

Wells - Video Production Edmonton

Wells Chan


Wells is an artist when it comes to video and photography. His experience lies in corporate events, social media videos, music videos, and live events.


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About Us Q Filmz - Video Production Edmonton

Video Production in Edmonton – What to Expect in 2022

As Edmonton videographers, the demand for video has never been so high, although the circumstances accelerating this demand were not the best. So what does this mean for those trying to keep up with this pivot?

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cameraBG - Video Production Edmonton

Video Production: The Future of Marketing

As we’ve seen over the years, the internet and digital marketing have changed the game for many businesses. Businesses have had to shift from your typical brick-and-mortar to the online space and content creation. From text and blogs to photos and video production leading the way.

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Helping Creators - Video Production Edmonton

Tips from a Creative Director and Edmonton Videographer

As a creative director, someone whose been making professional videos in Edmonton for businesses, individuals, and myself, there are some lessons I’d like to share with you.

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