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Project Details

The Band You Need

Basit, the founder of Bephysiofit, came to our video production service with the idea of creating his ideal video for his brand-new product- the Bephysiofit band. The Bephysiofit band is a band with a variety of uses and exercises as it can create a wide variety of strength exercises and workouts using only a door in your home. We wanted to find a way to draw a strong focus to the bands themselves and away from everything else in the commercial. Our film video production service came up with the idea of making everything in the video black and white except for the bands- which would be in colour. This contrast of the colour with the black and white backgrounds makes the viewer focus on the bands throughout the viewing of the video ad. To compliment the intentional colour design, key brand messaging was with in conjunction with motion graphics to allow for key parts of the video that contained the most important information to teach the consumer the exact benefits they would gain using the band. 

This project took our local video production team about four weeks to complete, starting from pre-production, production, and final postproduction. We created two different versions of the video- one long-form and one short-form for Basit’s digital ad usage. The goal of this video ad was not only to teach the audience about the product itself, but also to attract and audience of fitness users who love exercise by providing a new and exciting way to reach their fitness goals in an affordable way from the comfort of their own home