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video production + photography

Project Details


Kadns, a local urban clothing brand from Edmonton, Alberta approached our local Edmonton videographers to create a brand video for their company launch. The video they were looking to create was to embody the clothing style of Kadns with is the hip-hop style of clothing. Our Edmonton video production team was tasked with a story telling styled commercial to showcase the deeper meaning behind their clothing. Kadns asked our video development team to showcase their clothing in different scenarios and through different creatives who would wear them.

It was very clear to our film production and design team that Kadns cared mostly about what the clothing means to the hip-hop culture. Our film developing team decided to give this video a commercial feeling to it, so that the clothing was being highlighted in a unique way, while also being promoted to potential customers. It took our Edmonton video production team a few days to capture all the desired footage, as the shots featured the Kadns team together highlighted throughout the video. The style of the video our film production team put forward was similar to a highlight video mash-up of these creatives. This project took about three-weeks to complete from start to finish.