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Project Details

Bavaria BMW Commercial

We were approached by Bavaria BMW who wanted to create a video that could showcase the feeling of excitement that comes with driving a BMW. The obvious approach to a car commercial for a video development company is to create a video that depicts a driver enjoying him/herself driving a vehicle and showcasing its capabilities on the road. We wanted to take a more innovative approach to this task, which is where we decided to create a commercial in which the driver was dreaming.

The concept from a video production standpoint felt far more authentic and dynamic. To truly capture the dreaming concept of the commercial, we organized our video production to shoot the video in the evening. Our local Edmonton videographer organized access to the dealership during a late evening and prepped a shot list that begins with the customer entering the dealership unsure of what he may find. The customer enters the dealership and is in awe as he is surrounded by beautiful BMW vehicles. Similar to the feeling of a dream, the customer explores the dealership to find his dream car and is immediately drawn to it.

The customer enters the vehicle, puts his hands on the steering wheel and boom- the customer’s dreams come to life as he is suddenly experiencing a rush of excitement as he is driving his dream BMW. Then suddenly, the salesman wakes up the customer and it is midday. The salesman asks, ‘how does this one feel?”- which is when the viewer realizes that the customer was dreaming all along. The work done by our local video production team took about two-to-three weeks to complete as all the shots were planned and taken at Bavaria BMW in Edmonton, Alberta. Our video production company was able to create a new and exciting way to make this car commercial unique and effective in suiting the vision Bavaria BMW had in mind. Our local video production team made this commercial come to life through a strong plan and execution- making for a more enticing car commercial than what is generally seen in the past.